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    Performing these critical steps with ETHIC Intelligence's suite of Compliance Assurance Solutions ensures the success of your compliance programme

About our Compliance Assurance Solutions™

Our new integrated suite of services was built to dispel any doubt that you might have about the effectiveness of your compliance programme. Whether you would like to gauge which area of your programme might be problematic by comparing it to our industry benchmark database or have an expert set of external eyes looking over your work in the problem area, our compliance specialised background facilitates a broad range of flexible services which offer you assurance.

Compliance Programme Audits™

Our Compliance Programme Audit™ service puts the areas of your programme that you are most concerned about under a microscope to gauge effectiveness and identify any underlying weaknesses. Our independent compliance specialised auditors know exactly what to look for, improving upon anything your team can do internally. After the completion of the audit, your compliance team will be presented with an audit report which they can use to mitigate the issues that they deem necessary to improve your programme and reduce your overall organisational risk.

Compliance Programme Benchmarking™

Our Compliance Programme Benchmarking service provides a broad overview of your programme, identifying any areas that might require further investigation with an audit. Designed as an easy-to-use online tool, you will be required to enter information about your organisation's compliance efforts. Your response will then be compared with thousands of other compliance programmes, generating an insightful report that you can use to easily identify which areas of your programme might need improvement.

Gain Confidence in your Compliance Efforts

Why do you need compliance assurance?

Gain Confidence in your Compliance Efforts

​Compliance Programme Audits' 
tailored pricing plan

Most companies would love to do these deep dive audits, but have been unable to do so because of cost.  Our solutions have addressed those concerns through their flexible nature, with pricing dependent upon the variables that you agree to such as scope, depth, location, number of interviews, etc. 

Compliance Programme Benchmarking's
​transparent pricing plan

We intend to make this solution accessible for all companies with a fixed pricing plan that offers a range of transparent options. Organisations can select the plan that best suits their needs with a one-time or annual subscriptions available. 

Gain Confidence in your Compliance Efforts

About Us

Since our inception in 2006, auditing compliance programmes and particularly anti-corruption compliance programmes has been the focus of our business. However, as our renowned team of compliance specialised auditors has grown to cover more and more of the globe over the years, it made sense to leverage their specialisation and localisation for more than just certification. Thus, our Compliance Assurance Solutions were created to expand the portfolio of services for which our auditors are available. 

Gain Confidence in your Compliance Efforts


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