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No matter if you're just putting your anti-bribery management system in place or have had it for years, we have a pre-certification or certification service for your business! Choose the option that best corresponds to the stage of your programme:

Management Briefing™

Readiness Assessment™



ISO 37001 Certification

For compliance programmes or anti-bribery systems in their infancy, the Management Briefing helps stakeholders to understand the requirements of the standard and the business value of moving from a compliance programme to a certifiable management system. Armed with this knowledge, attendees of this half-day session will be able to promote buy-in throughout their organisation.

For organisations who have designed or implemented an anti-bribery management system, the Readiness Assessment™ measures the gaps that need to closed in order to comply with the requirements of ISO 37001. Now available remotely, attendees of this 1-day workshop will be able to plan how to put the finishing touches on their system and be better prepared for certification.

For organisations that are confident their anti-bribery management system is prepared for an audit, but would like a dry run test through the process. The Pre-Audit makes them more familiar with the audit process and delivers confidence that they will attain certification, before making the investment that a complete audit entails.

After developing an anti-bribery system ready for certification, the Quickstart provides a 3-year tailored roadmap to prepare and guide your organisation through the audit process (audit system throughout the 3-year cycle, sites for review, audit team, pricing, timeline, etc.). It is the first step in the certification process.

ETHIC Intelligence® can certify businesses of any size throughout the world. Our team works with your organisation to help develop a custom audit programme, based on the scope you want the certification to entail.

Prepare for Certification

Why Choose Us?

As a certification agency accredited by both ANAB and COFRAC, we provide truly valuable certifications to organisations who have built their anti-bribery and anti-corruption compliance programmes according to the ISO 37001 Anti-Bribery Management Systems Standard. We were a pioneer within this space, certifying compliance programmes 10 years before a standard was even created. Unlike other agencies, anti-corruption compliance is our only focus. Our auditors are required to have a wealth of experience working with anti-bribery programmes, ensuring efficiency throughout the process.

Prepare for Certification

Why Certify?

Build trust with stakeholders        

Showing your commitment to anti-bribery is essential to establishing and protect your brand and reputation in the market.

Establish credibility in the market

Show the value of the work that you have done and the company investment towards anti-bribery. A certification shows that you are not only using best practices, but that they have been independently verified and audited.

Gain a competitive advantage      

Certification offers an advantage over your competitors when bidding for government or major contracts. You immediately become the 'safe option' and win more business because of it.                 

Prepare for Certification

Stabilise partner ecosystems

Ensure that the organisations you deal with hold your same values by pushing anti-bribery requirement on them. This saves costs and improves supply chain efficiency in the long run through the elimination of bad partners and the risks that they pose.       

Become more efficient 

Certification can't prevent every individual bribery occurrence. However, when your ABMS is properly reviewed/certified by qualified external third parties, it ensures that you continuously learn from the issues you have identified and prevent further issues from arising in your organisation.

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Prepare for Certification

Tailored Pricing to Fit Your Needs

Though we do recommended it in the long run, your initial scope of certification does not have to include your entire organisation. For example, scopes can be compromised of areas such as regional headquarters or specific activities. At the beginning of the certification process, our team leads you through the possibilities available to your organisation, guiding you to select the best possible scope based on your requirements and those of ISO 37001. The result is a solution adapted to your budget and needs.

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Prepare for Certification